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November 10th, 2010

April 8, 1928

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In this last section, Easter Sunday 1938, we have no single first person narrative, the only one like this in the book.  Here the focus is on Dilsey.  It can be said, that while the Compson’s grow weak by looking inward, Dilsey gains strength and power by looking outward, that is relying on her faith.On this Easter Sunday, Dilsey takes her family and Benjy to the ‘colored’ church. Through her we sense the consequences of  the way in which the Compsons have lived for decades. And even though Dilsey is mistreated and abused, she remains loyal. She, with the help of Luster, cares for Benjy, as she takes him to church and tries to bring him to salvation.

The tension between Jason and Miss Quentin also comes to a head in this section. The family discovers that Miss Quentin has run away in the middle of the night with a carnival worker, having found the hidden collection of cash in Jason’s closet and taken both her money (the support from Caddy, which Jason had stolen) and Jasons life savings. Jason calls the police and tells them that his money has been stolen, but since it would mean admitting embezzling Quentin’s money he doesn’t press the issue. Good, I think he deserves what he got!!!!

The novel ends with an unsettling image. After church, Dilsey allows her grandson Luster to drive Benjy in the family’s horse and carriage (another sign of decay) to the graveyard. Luster drives the wrong way around a monument and this slight variation from the norm is enough to disrupt Benjy’s state of mind. Benjy’s hysterical sobbing and violent outburst can only be quieted by Jason, of all people, who understands how best to placate his brother. Jason slaps Luster, turns the carriage around, and Benjy suddenly becomes silent. Luster turns around to look at Benjy and sees Benjy drop his flower. Benjy’s eyes are “…empty and blue and serene again.”

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