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October 28th, 2010

The Sound and The Fury – Faulkner

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“Clocks slay time… time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels; only when the clock stops does time come to life”

So now that I have read some more, I understand, a bit more clearly, why Benji is always saying that Caddy “smells like the trees”.  Caddy seems to spend most of her, stolen, time entertaining the local boys, and, to say it nicely, is a free spirit. So then, is it her earthy smell that seemingly has all three of her brothers infatuated with her in some way? Perhaps.  Benjy is triggered by the smell of her perfume, causing him to cry; although he does not necessarily understand the sexual implications of Caddy’s behavior, he knows something is not right. He seems to be the only person who has any effect on Caddy, causing her at times to feels guilty about her promiscuous ways since she often assumes a motherly role for him. Quentin’s problems with Caddy’s behavior, although it can be taken as his disappointment in her lack of morality, is also jealous in a creepy, incestuous way. In his defense, she is the first girl he ever sees slightly disrobed and acting upon her sexuality; but come on Q, your sister?? Really?? Ewww, gross. haha….

I still cant seem to make much sense of the events of things, since hearing the story through Benjy’s perspective does not really allow it;  perhaps this is intentionally done.  That the idea of time as a method, as a quantitative way to measure things, to measure ones life or story is neither necessary or efficient, that it can either trap or free.  If you think of time as an inevitably closing lid, it can be your Psyche’s enemy, trapping you in a particular time or place. This seems true for Quentin. For Benji, time has little effect, since he has little perception of what an abstract concept such as time really means and in this sense he is free of the restraints that time has over most.

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