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October 26th, 2010

The Sound and The Fury – Faulkner

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The difficult part of getting through this first assigned section of reading was the fact that the narrator, Benjy, seems to have little, if any at all, conception of time.  It was strange to me that Faulkner titled the section based off of a date, which would lead one to believe that it would be significant, when in fact, the events of April 7, 1928 were rather insignificant.  It is hard to keep track of Benji’s ever wandering mind, which seems to jump around in time, making it difficult to decipher past from present events, as he seems to discuss everything in the text in the present tense. Benjy’s mental disability leaves him with little capacity for subjective thought. From his perspective, life is merely a string of images, sounds, and memories that he is unable to interpret, express, or organize in any meaningful way. He does not seem to understand the real meaning and implications of death, love, family, virginity, intimacy, and marriage (etc). He seems to live in an ever “present’ time, where events of the past intertwine with those of current. He does not seem to understand that the stories he remembers are memories from the past. So how does one organize their life if they do not have a concept of time?  Isn’t that the very thing that we as humans use to control, plan, understand life? Overall, this section had me scratching my head as to its significance and as to what exactly Benjy is trying to relay (if anything at all).  Despite my current ambivalence toward the story, I did find myself empathizing with Benjy’s situation.  The only people who seem to truly care about him are Caddy and Dilsey, and I would imagine that as a lonely existence for someone who already has an impairment hampering him from grasping the world around him.  It would be hard for me to say when this section came alive for me, since I haven’t grasped a full understanding of it and its perhaps relevance to the rest of the story that sits before me.  Perhaps I will return to this idea in a later blog.

The Sound and The fury, Part 1 Here’s a link to Part 1, the movie version.  The visual helped a bit for me, maybe you’ll have the same experience?

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