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October 21st, 2010

Persepolis, a closer look…

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The Photos above show the charred remains of The Cinema Rex

Here’s an excerpt I found which explains the events of what happened that day and how it helped spark the protests which inevitably led to the Iranian revolution:

” Several events in the 1970s set the stage for the 1979 revolution:     The 1971 2,500th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire at Persepolis, organized by the Shah’s regime, was attacked for its extravagance. “As the foreigners reveled on drink forbidden by Islam, Iranians were not only excluded from the festivities, some were starving…..the other factor was the August 1978 Cinema Rex Fire in Abadan where over 400 people died. Movie theaters had been a common target of Islamist demonstrators but such was the distrust of the regime and effectiveness of its enemies’ communication skills that the public believed SAVAK had set the fire in an attempt to frame the opposition. The next day 10,000 relatives and sympathizers gathered for a mass funeral and march shouting, ‘burn the Shah’, and ‘the Shah is the guilty one.”

All that was left after the fire....

The passage which stood out most for me was a scene which took place early on in the story. In the section titled The Bicycle, Marji shhhhhh’s God in the middle of one of their visits and over hears her parents talking about the burning of the Rex cinema. A horrific event by either account, however conflicting reports were given from “The BBC” and “The Shah”. This event was one of the main factors leading up to the up-rise and revolution in Iran (see above). The text on pages 14-15, are written much like a good journalist would have reported, short and blunt, to the point. The text here points at the dis-symmetry that is happening between the people of Iran and it’s government.  “The doors had been locked from outside a few minutes before the fire. The police were there. They forbade people to rescue those locked inside. Then they attacked them. The firemen didn’t arrive until forty minutes later. The BBC said there were 400 victims. The Shah said that a group of religious fanatics perpetrated the massacre. But the people knew that it was the Shah’s fault!!!”

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  1.    beverly gross said,

    on October 28th, 2010 at 8:26 am

    in this and other blogs you have made great use of the information and visuals available online. sorry that you’re not with us in class, but you certainly are with the works.

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